This is the time for Sweden to do the right thing

Now is the time for Sweden to be smart in the Assange case. At this point the prosecutor must go to London to question Assange, for the second time, about the accusations about rape and sexual molestation. The current diplomatic tensions between UK, Sweden, the US and Ecuador, as well as the stress of the accusers to continuously be reminded of their alleged sexual trauma. Assange has also been going through a tough time, accused of rape, hunted down, ridiculed by mostly the Swedish media. His suffering is out of proportion when you look at the weak case Sweden has against him. If the Swedish prosecutor cannot grow up and step out of the sandbox and do her job, and continue to waste tax payers money, not only in Sweden, her boss needs now to tell her to go to London and close this case or replace her with someone who has the courage to do the right thing. It is obvious we have this situation only because one persons' prestige and incompetence. Assange has already been interrogated and denied any rape or sexual molestation, we all know what he is going to say in his second interview, don't we? Who is more ridiculous and pathetic now, the prosecutor or the Swedish media who is trying to "help" the case against Assange by insulting and ridiculing him every day in columns and editorials, and now also a Swedish minister has joined the hecklers.  


1 - A thought provoking contribution from your reader. Indeed why would certain members of the Swedish media and the 'prosecutor in question' go to such lengths to compel Assange to be questioned in Sweden? If he is willing to be questioned in London and to undergo any required forensic tests-DNA and the like, why the rush to return him to Stockholm? If the Swedish authorities hand him over the the USA authorities, or co-operate in his arrest (or worse - kidnapping), they will lose so much international credibility and respect for human rights, it will take many years to rebuild both. Break the current impasse and send people to London to interview/test Assange in the relative santuary of the embassy.Come on show some independent Swedish spirit!

2 - Hear, hear, I fully agree, that the prosecutor must let go of personal pride and prestige, go to London and close the case.

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