FINALLY two brave Swedish journalists take a stand for Assange

The Swedish national newspaper Dagens Nyheter, DN published a column by the two journalists Helene Bergman and Anders Carlgren. They are very critical to how the prosecutor Marianne Ny has handled the case that has led to a man hunt of never before seen proportions as well as a smear campaign mostly in Swedish media against Assange. Bergman and Carlgren have filed a complaint against Marianne Ny with the Justice Ombudsman, JO, who dismissed their complaint that Marianne Ny has handled the case wrongfully and caused suffering to Assange. I have translated parts of the column that I think are of interest to those who are interested in some background to the rape accusations.
"A hunted man. The Swedish legal system's treatment of Julian Assange does almost compare to harassment. At the same time the media cover have been biased, supporting the political establishment. Now, JO, dismissed our complaint against prosecutor Marianne Ny...
The juridical circus surrounding the Julian Assange case have gotten proportions that has not equivalent in legal history. None other than Julian Assange would be hunted in this way over several continents for the alleged crimes rape and sexual molestation...
The case is very simple. Julian Assange had sex with two women at different occasions during his stay in this country [Sweden]. Both women [together] saw a female police inspector, who was an acquaintance of one of the women, with the purpose to make Assange take an HIV-test. But as rape falls under public prosecution the police inspector instead filed a report [rape and sexual molestation]. Surely, none of the women had at this point any idea about the proportions the visit with the police woman would take.
A prosecutor decided to issue and arrest warrant in absentia for Assange, despite the fact that he was still in the country. The day after, another prosecutor found that there were no grounds for the accusations and dismissed the case.
August 30 [2010] Assange was interrogated and denied any criminal acts. The next day, the lawyer Claes Borgström, who had offered to be the lawyer for both women, turned to his old friend, prosecutor Marianne Ny, who decided to re-open the case...
Julian Assange remained in Sweden to be available for interrogations for five whole weeks, until September 27, when he left the country after having been given approval to do so by the prosecution. At that point Marianne Ny issued a European arrest warrant. Several times thereafter Assange had offered to be available for interrogations in London or via video link. Something that the prosecutor, strangely enough, categorically has denied, despite the fact that it has been done in other cases.
We, as well as Assanges' international lawyer, the famous Spanish Baltazar Garzon, are deeply concerned over the lack of guaranteed security and transparence, as well as on which legal grounds actions have been taken against Julian Assange. The harassment he has been subjected to has caused severe physical as well as mental suffering.  
The threats against his person has worsened due to the complex acts of Marianne Ny, representing the Swedish state, has caused.
This has violated Julian Assanges' basic freedom and rights according to the United Nations as well as his human rights according to the European Convention...
We, two journalists with many decades experience of press, radio and television, in Sweden as well as abroad, find with increasing astonishment, how uncritical and partisan, benefitting the political establishment, the journalism in the Assagne case is carried out.
Everything seems to aim at, at any cost get Assange extradited here, instead of critically investigating prosecutor Marianne Ny's actions together with her friend Claes Borgström. Prosecutor Ny has for example, within a smaller group said "even if I am wrong, I do not change my mind". "

Finally some Swedish journalists with guts and a brave editor to publish this  Assange column. The only thing I would like to add is that unlike the DSK rape case in NYC, no other women have come forward accusing Assange of rape or sexual molestation. I find it hard to believe that a man of Assanges' age, suddenly, in Sweden, would turn in to a rapist or molester.


1 - To paraphrase William Shakespeare "There is something wrong in the state of Sweden" when a public prosecutor can behave as Marianne Ny has without her motives coming under public scrutiny. An English politician has publicly stated that the prosecution stinks and looks like a 'fit up'.

To satisfy those who believe that there is a second agenda, why not hand the women's complaints to another prosecutor and let him/her decide if it is in the public interest to continue along the path that Ng insists upon? If the quote is correct, what a terrifying prospect to have a public prosecutor who "will not change her mind even when she's wrong". If true, that statement should be enough to have her removed from this case and from the position she holds.

Sweden is now on trial in the international court of public opinion. Sweden enjoys a reputation for independence and fairness which could be at risk if the actions of Marianne Ng are not beyond reproach – and are they beyond reproach, or is she just being ‘bloody minded’?

2 - I agree, I think Marianne Ny should be dismissed and investigated for misconduct and replaced by another prosecutor. I wish there were more brave journalists in Sweden to push for a media storm to make something happen, but most of them have already painted themselves into a corner by treating Assange as if he was guilty of crimes and a coward not facing "justice" in Sweden.

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