Flip-flops and sunshine - GOP seems well prepared for Tampa

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Republican Todd Akin brought some sunshine on the republican ideology and ignorance regarding abortions, and now we all know that what this party really wants is to ban all abortions and give a fetus the same legal rights as us out-of-uterus people. This is pretty interesting stuff as this would actually lead to that in-uterus people that causes the death of the uterus carrier, could be sentenced to death, and reversed if the uterus carrier causes the death of an in-uterus person, SHE could be sentenced to death, pretty darn smart for t-bag carriers to lobby for this.
These platform ideas might even create jobs, jobs, jobs, when a new profession will be required, the fetus whisperers. Those who are educated and trained in communicating with the in-uterus people, I mean if I was an in-uterus person, I would be quick to sue the uterus carrier if SHE smoked, drank alcohol or took drugs, or ask to be transferred to another uterus.
Flip-flopper extraordinaire, Romney, did what he does best, quickly tried to figure out the best stand point for winning the election so the Republicans can abort Obama from his presidency. During his time serving as a Mormon bishop, he tried to persuade a woman was recommended an abortion for medical reasons, to save her life, to not have an abortion. If Romney wasn't such a flippety-floppety he would have called Tim Tebow's mother who against her doctor's recommendation went through her pregnancy and produced little miracle Tebow, and have her crusade for the in-uterus people with him. If you are a true pro-life person, you should stick to it and ban all abortions or murder of in-uterus people if you will, no matter raped 11-year-old GIRLS, deadly sick GIRLS or WOMEN, GIRLS being raped by their fathers or uncles shall of course not abort the in-fetus person. Because we all know now that the FEMALE body has built-in system to uninpregnate herself if she is legitimately raped. Wow, God, not the others' God but our God, figured all this out in his intelligent design plan.  
I understand the frustration of the GOPers they have it all figured out but mean Democrats and even some uterus carriers and t-bag carriers in their own party are appalled over their ideas when they are brought out in the sunshine. I think the Republicans must protect their breed by making sure that either the public school is reformed to teach the divine design ideas from the Bible, if public school cannot do so, they need to see more home schooling to keep young and vulnerable out-of-uterus people out of harms way for European ideas, homosexual teachers, geography, sexual education, science etc. Why spend so much time and money on education, I mean there is really only one answer to everything, What Would God or Jesus Have Done - look it up in the Bible and interpret it so it suits your purposes.
Welcome to Tampa you'all!

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