Why did Marianne Ny allow Assange to leave Sweden?

After having written a very brave column in Dagens Nyheter, the other day, the writers, journalists Anders Carlgren and Helene Bergman have been attacked by feminazis and others for standing up for the the Swedish legal system and questioning the actions of Marianne Ny. I translated parts of that article. Here comes some more interesting information, and yet another reason to dismiss Marianne Ny from the case or make her go to London and fix the mess she has created. Someone in the Swedish legal system must now take action to close this case. In todays' DN Carlgren and Bergman writes that Marianne Ny, in writing, gave Assange permission to leave Sweden. I have translated parts of todays' column in DN.
"...in a letter dated September 14 2010, Julian Assanges lawyer at that time, Björn Hurtig, asked Marianne Ny if there were any obstructions for Julian Assange to travel abroad, as Julian had some acute businesses he needed to attend there. In a note to the Svea Court of Appeal, Marianne Ny writes the following: "in the reply to lawyer Hurtig, if there were any legal obstructions for Julian Assange to leave Sweden I answered that there were no such obstructions."
She has thereafter changed her mind several times and pushed Hurtig to arrange for interrogations in Sweden.
Julian Assange, as a matter of fact, left Sweden in good faith that he was doing the right thing."

With this information at hand, it seems even more bizarre that Marianne Ny refuses to go to London to interview Assange, she was ok with him leaving the country so why the heck can't she do the right thing and end this. Her actions should be investigated more and brought out into daylight. I wish we had more journalists like Carlgren and Bergman in Sweden that dare to do their job and not just follow the trend of Swedish media to pretend Marianne Ny is right and Assange is wrong, that the accusers are right and Assange wrong.
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