Language confusion in the Mexican quarters

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Looking for good authentic food can sometimes be adventurous, we had heard that there was a place in the Mexican quarters of Dade City where you could have the best and most authentic tacos ever. The quest for the little stand that was supposed to be serving heavenly tacos under a white tent took us to a gas station, crowded with people, we went in to ask for directions. Walking through the door we saw the sign above with bad English translated into - bad Swedish "Vi köper fix försäljning handel och försäljning telefon." Why would anyone in the Florida countryside, in the Mexican quarters put up a sign in Swedish. We walked in and asked, and got the answer that no, it was not Swedish but Spanish or possibly Italian. Well, we said no and were asked how we could know is wasn't Italian, we said because we are Swedes, the guy behind the counter refused to believe us. In walked a guy with a huge, red macaw on his shoulder and solved the situation, he told the guy behind the counter that he could confirm that I was a Swede as I sounded like the Swedish Chef so I should know what I was talking about. Asking where he got the Swedish translation from he admitted he got it from his computer and he had always thought it was Spanish or possibly Italian... The tacos, did not find the place this time but will not give up.

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