Lifetime cap - now we know the horrid consequenses

Not all of us get rich, but most certainly, at some point in our lives we do get sick.
Driving home from a school meeting last night I listened to young mother Stacey Lihn explaining the consequences of the lifetime cap for her family. Her speech really touched me and I am sure many other parents. Her life had been touched and saved by the new health care law that bans health care insurers to put arbitrary life time caps on benefits. Her daughter suffers from a congenital heart defect and will now receive all the care she needs under her current insurance, while if the healthcare law is upheaved by the Republicans, Stacey and her little family will not be covered as her daughter by the old law would have reached her lifetime cap by now.
Cruel. Chilling. Barbarian.  
How low has humanity fallen in the US society to allow corporations to put a cap on some ones life.
Hypocrisy beyond dignity for the so called pro-life movement to make mothers give birth to children with known heart failures and then make them watch their children die by putting a lifetime cap on their lives.
I can only but quote Bernard Shaw "The US is the only country to go from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilisation". If the Republicans win this election, I am quite sure we will see the US revert from decadence to barbarism again.
The Democrats did a great job, sharing this story from an American family. Politics must be more personal to engage people, today I feel engaged.

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