Scandinavian Smorgasbord at the Absolut Vodka Akademi

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I prepared the Scandinavian smorgasbord for the Absolut Vodka Akademi hosted by the Scandinavian Trade Association and the British-American Business Council last Thursday. More than 70 people attended including the Honorary Consul of Finland. We were educated on what makes the Absolut Vodka so smooth and good as a drink base and tasted some drinks. The smorgasbord was a good balance to the vodka with cured salmon, Skagen rolls, herring and potatoes, Norwegian cheese, home-baked walnut and rosemary bread, WASA crisp bread, roasted roots, prune stuffed pork sirloin and cabbage rolls shipped from a Finnish caterer in West Palm Beach.


1 - Lovely food looks so delicious!Emoticon

2 - Lovely food looks so delicious!Emoticon

3 - Lovely food looks so delicious!Emoticon

4 - Lovely food looks so delicious!Emoticon

5 - Hmmm yummy.. i like those food

6 - Lovely food looks so delicious!

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