New Nordic dish in celebration of Leif Erikson Day

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Norwegian explorer Leif Erikson was the first European known to have set foot in North America. Since 1964, this day, October 9 has been an official day of notice of this event. Today we should all be proud of our Scandinavian descent and celebrate. I took the time to try a recipe from famous Danish restaurant Noma. Sous chef Torsten Vildgaard from Noma shared a recipe for us deadly to try in a Swedish food show. I adjusted it a little bit but it came out super delicious.
Lamb breast with cauliflower mushrooms and mint fluff inspired by Noma.

Take one lamb breast, I used with bone in and rub with salt and cumin. Put on a baking pan covered with foil and put some foil on top of the meat and put another baking pan on top of that to add some weight on the meat. Bake in 140C/290F for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Allow the meat to cool before slicing into rectangular pieces. Glaze with chicken glaze.

Serve with cauliflower florets that have been pan seared in plenty of butter until tops golden brown and the florets are al dente and cauliflower puree flavored with fresh mint.

This is so yummy and so New Nordic I am sure Leif Erikson would have liked it!

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