Culinary Olympic gold medals to Swedish chefs!

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The Swedish chefs took gold at the Culinary Olympics in Germany, the senior team, junior team, industrial kitchen team and the regional team from Stockholm all won gold medals.
This is the winning menu of the senior team.
Starter: Cured and Blackened Ling with Kalix Löjrom and Crispy Ling Skin Cauliflower and Broccoli Terrine and Mousseline with Nordic Heat Crudites, Lemonated Cucumber and Oyster Emulsion White Wine Sauce.
Main dish: Spice-Crusted Red Deer Saddle with Sausage and Neck Brawn Crispy Potatoes flavored with Svecia Cheese Cep Duxelles, Seasonal Vegetables and Pumpkin Puree Vinegar Sauce.
Dessert: sour Cream Pudding with Raspberry Sorbet and Autumn Raspberries, served with Yoghurt Meringue and Almond Cake flavored with Raspberry.
Team member: Fredrik Björlin, Viktor Westerlind, Tom Sjöstedt, Klas Lindberg, Daniel Roos and Fredrik Hedlund.
Swedish Chef hat off to you guys!

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