Food inspiration from Lappland - shaved venison with lingon yoghurt

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Inspired by the traditional shaved reindeer, renskav in Swedish, poronkärystis in Finnish dish from Lappland I shaved some venison tenderloin from a Florida deer I found cleaning out my freezer. I do not know if I can find reindeer meet here in Florida but we do have plenty of deer here. Here is how I made this ancient dish still popular in Sweden.

1 lb frozen venison loin, roast or tenderloin
1 yellow onion
2 oz/30 g dried chantarelles
1 cup/2 dl heavy cream
0.5 cup/1dl port wine
2 tablespoons/msk soy
2 tablespoons/msk red or black currant jelly
salt and black pepper and if you like some rosemary ( I sautee the onions and meat with a sprig of fresh rosemary and then take it out)

Lingon yoghurt

0.5 cup/1 dl greek yoghurt
3 tablespoons/msk lingonberry jam

Let the dried chantarelles soak in water for 3o minutes, dry and chop.
Thaw the frozen meat for a little bit and shaved off thin slices using a Swedish style cheese slicer, it is important that the meat is still frozen. Chop the onion and sautee until soft add the meat and brown it, let it stew with the rest of the ingredients for a few minutes and salt and pepper to taste. Mix lingonberry jam and yoghurt and serve with boiled sweet potatoes.

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