Thanksgiving Brannvinsbord dishes - Thanksgiving Pickled Herring

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Thanksgiving is an ideal time to serve a Swedish style Brännvinsbord when guests arrive. The Brännvinsbord has a long tradition in Sweden, when guests arrived from travelling by horse and carriage they where given a schnaps or two and some bites of bread, butter, cheese and cold fish and meat dishes. This gave guests something to nibble on waiting for everyone to arrive and immediately put everyone in a good mood with a shot of alcohol. I have planned some dishes to put together a nice Thanksgiving Brännvinsbord based on what is in season now and the flavors of Thanksgiving. As a Swede I cannot really celebrate without eating pickled herring, so I made Cranberry-Orange Pickled Herring that came out really good, the tart cranberry and fresh orange goes very well with the fat herring.
Thanksgiving Pickled Herring

16 oz Vita Herring in Wine Sauce
8 cranberries
2 strings of orange peel

In a 12 oz jar put the herring together with the strained sauce add cranberries and orange peel and let stand in fridge for 3 days before eating. Ideally serve with a shot of Cranberry-Orange infused vodka.

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