Zakuski Burger

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Every weekend we try to find a day when we are all at home and can have a real good burger for lunch. We make the burgers the same way all the time but change the sides and dressings. Inspired by the Russian version of the smorgasbord, zakuski, I made a burger that you can have with a shot of vodka if you want.
Zakuski Burger

The burger

0.3 lb ground chuck (80% lean 20% fat)
salt and black pepper, American cheese
bottom of a hamburger bun or a slice of toasted and buttered dark and musty bread

The sides and dressing

A slice of liver pate
Three kosher dill gherkins
Some table spoons of sweet pickled portabellas
One whole pickled red beet
A few capers
A sprig of parsley

Quickly form a patty of the ground chuck, do not press it together or handle it more than shape it. Salt and pepper. Grill on high heat for two minutes on each side and medium heat for four minutes per side for a medium rare burger. Put it on the bun and add a slice of pate on the burger, add slices of the pickled beet, sprinkle with capers and parsley.
On the side mix the sweet pickled portabella with wedges of gherkins. This is a great way to infuse Russian flavors to a classic American dish. Za vashe zdorovye!

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