Nordic Food Localism - Florida style

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La Florida is turning 500 years in 2013, 500 years since the Spaniard Ponce de Leon and his convoy set foot in Florida and named it La Florida from all the beautiful flowers they found here. Florida belonged to Spain until 1821 when it was ceded to the USA and in 1845 Florida became a state. Thousands of years before Florida was inhabited by Indian tribes that lived a sustainable life in harmony with nature, the Spaniards I would say added architectural beauty, the Americans though run havoc in the state and unfortunately there is a lot of ugliness and environmental disasters going on in this beautiful and welcoming place on earth. I wish that the ideas and ideology of the Nordic Food Localism could grow strong here and also the ideas of the very interesting and inspiring organization Future Perfect. This year, I will share my personal celebration to my new home, Florida with photos of ugly and beautiful Florida and how to implement Nordic Localism here.  

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