Modern Viking Fare - Happy Lamb

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Mediterranean food and especially the diet from Crete in Greece is now again the latest fad for heart healthy foods. And yes, Greece food is delicious and healthy. It is very difficult though to find the fresh food you can find in Greece in other places, this is real local food produced at small farms where most animals are free to eat what they find in nature especially on the small islands the pure and simple food is outstanding. Not to mention the fish and seafood brought in fresh every day by fishermen and prepared by chefs who now their ingredients. However, I am of Viking bloodlines and I think that a Modern Viking Diet is better for me. The Vikings had access to diary products, meats from cows, goats and pigs as well as wild animals, fish was common. They made flatbread from barley, oats, peas, sometimes animal proteins, nuts and sour milk or buttermilk. Meat from domesticated animals was rare as the animals mainly produced milk and eggs and it was pretty expensive to feed cattle for consumption. In my Modern Viking Fare I will also add some tricks and treats from Caucasus where they have a similar lifestyle and cooking traditions as the Viking had. I have travelled there many times and love their clean simple food. I think one trick is to cook everything outside on a big barbecue, meat from happy animals that have roamed free in the mountains, prepared over open fire is just another product than industrially raised, abused and stressed out animals, and cooking on an electric or gas stove is not the same thing. So my two lambs I have fed and cared for for almost a year are now in my freezer and the meat is soooo good. I made a traditional shashlik from the neck meat, the meat was cubed and marinated for two hours in olive oil, fresh lemon juice, plenty of fresh garlic cloves and fresh herbs such as rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme and mint. I made skewers from rosemary sprigs and grilled the meat for about 7 minutes on a gas grill. The Caucasians make a wonderful plum sauce to serve with shashlik, I will work on such a sauce as the Vikings used plums in their cooking as well. The lamb should be served with root vegetables and wine.

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