Modern Viking Fare - Small Flatbreads

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Flatbreads, fiddleheads and hazelnuts, food for a Viking.

The fist batch of Viking I made from rye and oats meals, butter and buttermilk, honey and salt, and some chopped chives. No yeast, no oven. Made it on the stove. This is really healthy bread, so fun and easy to do and so good and filling. Oats and rye has, unlike wheat, a type of fiber that lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. The fibers will bind gall salts that are produced with the cholesterol. The fibers in in whole grain meals prevents constipation, rye is 18% fiber and those fibers help to strengthen the immune defense of the guts, eating a lot of fibers make you feel full and you will therefore eat less. And as an extra bonus the high fiber content in this bread made from good rye and oats makes you chew more and salivate more which is a natural way of cleaning your teeth. I tell you, if the Vikings still ruled, we would have no corrupt and greedy food industry. Now, here is how I made my first Viking bread ever.
Small Modern Viking Flatbreads

1 cup/2.2 dl whole grain, stone ground rye meal

1/2 cup/1.1 dl oat meal
1/2 cup/1.1 dl buttermilk (kan ersättas med filmjölk)

2 tablespoons/25g butter

1 tablespoon/msk local honey
pinch of coarse salt

Mix the dry ingredients with wooden spoon, if you cannot find oat meal take old fashioned rolled oats and mix until a coarse meal. Melt the butter and mix with honey and buttermilk, mix wet and dry ingredients, make small rounds, size of a glass, thin as a pancake. Bake on stovetop or on griddle on medium high heat until nice and brown on both sides. Do not use any butter when you bake them.  

Serve with butter or fresh cheese. Vikings had access to dairy products and used all fresh herbs they could find. Now enjoy and connect with your inner Viking.

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