Turkmen Plov

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The mother of pilaff, paella and risotto comes from Central Asia and Caucasus with humble ingredients they all come together as the best comfort food ever. The Turkmen plov is made from rice, garlic, onions, carrots a lot of oil and beef or mutton. Make a lot of plov if you have guests, it will disappear quickly. Serve with red wine and white bread.
Turkmen plov

1.5 pound of beef or lamb, meat should be marbled with fat
1 pound of carrots
3 big yellow or white onions
2.5 cups white rice
1 head of garlic
Canola oil

Boil the rice.
Cut the meat into bit size cubes.
Peel the carrots and cut them into slivers.
Peel and chop the onions into large chunks.
Smash and peel the garlic cloves.
Heat a about half an inch or more of canola oil in a large and deep pot. The oil is hot enough when a garlic clove turns black. Add the meat and the garlic to the hot oil and stir, allow to cook for 8 minutes make sure it does not burn. Add the onions, stir and and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the carrots and cook until carrots are tender, ca 6 minutes. Last stir in the boiled rice and make sure everything is covered in oil. Optional you can add some golden raisins to the plov. Serve with white bread or flat bread. A rustic Cabernet Sauvignon goeas very well with this dish.

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