Snus - a Swedish Quintessential

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Follow the snus or snoose and you will find the Swedes. This tobacco product made to perfection by generations of Swedes for centuries is still going strong with a big number of users in Sweden. Snus is made of grind tobacco, water and salt. Tobacco from all over the world is blended for different varieties of snus. This product can not be compared with either the US chewing tobacco or snuff as the Swedish snus is spit free and also, just like Swedish coffee, much stronger than its American relatives. First time users often get so dizzy they have to lie down and some have suggested it would even be called Swedish marijuana.
In all early, larger Swedish settlements such as New York, Chicago and Minneapolis there would be a part of a street with Swedish vendors called Snus or Snoose Boulevard. In Chicago there was also a manufacturer of snus called Svenska Snusmagasinet.

Snus is sold in small cans either loose or in portion packed pouches, the snus is tucked under the upper lip and cause a bump under the lip. Many smokers have used snus to help them stop the smoking habit and a Swedish thirty-year study of snus has not detected any connection between using snus and cancer at all. Interestingly enough Swedes use more tobacco per person than the US but still has the lowest cancer rates in Europe.

Swedes that their snus very seriously and all manufacturers must adhere to the strict standards for food manufacturers. Regardless of study results and the strict rules for snus manufacturing the European Union wanted to ban snus as they claimed it might cause cancer in the mouth, Sweden was in uproar as that would mean the national treasure would also be banned in Sweden. Hard negotiations took place with EU and in the end, Swedes can buy their snus but not the people in the other European Union countries.

Swedes and other snus lovers in the US are lucky though, Swedish snus can be ordered online and shipped to your door.
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1 - The picture you are using here is Olle i Skratthult, a.k.a. Carl Peterson. He travelled with a group of players and musicians back in the 1920s. My great-grandmother's brother, Harry Swanson, was their pianist.

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