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Gravatar Image2 - Hello! My nane is Nilla and i live in Sweden. Im gonna be in Orlando June,July, with my feance´ and than we live in Orlando.Im wondering if somebody can tell me about midsummer celebration, we wanna celebrate a swedish midsummer. and possible connect with outher swedish people to be friends.Thanks if somebody take the time to anserw. regards Nilla

Gravatar Image4 - @Richard. Welcome to my blog, I am married to an American/Scottish clan Keith, if you are ever in the Tampa Bay area give us a ring or send an email!

Gravatar Image5 - Hi,

I just wanted to say hi, and that this is a really good site. I am scottish. not scandinavian, but used to have lots of visits and business with companies in Sweden and Denmark. I retired and live in Florida now, near Daytona. Found you because of the wikileaks links, but have you bookmarked now for all the other fun suff you have.

Gravatar Image6 - @Vidar. Hello my Scandinavian fellow! I do hope you enjoy your Florida vacation. Next Friday we will elect a new president for the Scandinavian and Baltic Trade Association here in Tampa, for many years our president was the ever popular Norwegian Ivar Fiskaa. If you visit Tampa Bay or the rest of the beautiful west coast let us know!

Gravatar Image7 - Hi. A nice site here... A lot information. I am a Norwegian, and a truly Florida fan. In february 24th I am going there with my beautiful girlfriend. It is my 16th visit in FL, and here first. We are landing in Orlando, then we drive to Cape Corall, for visiting some Norwegians living there for 2days. Then we head down to the Keys, for a two week stay...

"Lad ei den skjønne Enighed forsvinde,
Norsk, Svensk og Dansk hinanden række Haand"



Gravatar Image8 - Hello. Here is a new Finnish-Swedish book,unlike you ever read. Please visit my web site:
Thank you
John Raikkonen

Gravatar Image10 - Jst a superb book about Finland.
Your Author....Juha Raikkonen

Gravatar Image11 - @John. I looked up your book, looks really interesting, my father had to leave Finland as a child because of the war.

Gravatar Image12 - Hi All Swedes in the U.S.

We are two Swedish men who get up hope of finding drinkable beer in the United States / San Antonio. Is there anyone out there who over where to buy Swedish beer in the United States?

Gravatar Image13 - Thank you for your friendly comments. I lived in Orsa, Dalarna for 4 years and actually only spoke Swedish as a youngster. Hag har glomt Swenska. "Sorry"
Tack so mycket. Johan Raikkonen(John)

Gravatar Image14 - @Anders. Yes, we have Swedish Beer in the US, Stockholm Beer is imported by a company in Sarasota, Florida, the beer is currently available in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. I guess you are in San Antonio Texas? Let me find out the plans for Texas from Ulf.

Gravatar Image15 - Hello,

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Do you have club near me? I would like to meet some Swedes to learn some Swedish and practice your langage.

I speak, read, write fluent Chinese. My English is ok. I am in my early 50's and I think it is harder to learn another language.

Thank you.


Gravatar Image16 - Hej allihopa! If any of you guys in Florida have an old volvo like pv444, p1800 or amazon, please stop by the volvo store in winterpark! I really want to see them! Jag kan prata svenska och heter Fredrik och jobbar pa volvo!

"det ar inte farten som dodar utan det ar smallen! eller som vi sager in swenglish : it's not the fart who kills it's the smell!"

Gravatar Image17 - Hi! Does anyone know where I can get lussekatter in the Tampa area this week for St. Lucia Day?

Gravatar Image18 - Hi to all swedes, Can you help me to find a store or meat market where I can buy real Swedish potato sausage? I live in Tampa,FL
Please send info to

Gravatar Image19 - @John. I am not sure I know what potato sausage is? Pls expiain or give the Swedish name and I am sure I can help you find a place to get it from.

Gravatar Image20 - @Sand. You can find frozen lussekatter at IKEA Tampa, saw plenty of them there yesterday. Have a nice Lucia celebration!

Gravatar Image21 - Hello, I am opening Central Florida's first Holistic Preschool in Winter Springs FL and I am in the planning stages for the Grand Opening festivities. I would really like to include a Maypole and if there are any interested local Swedish dancers, have them come to show, share and educate. Is there anyone who might be able to help me coordinate this, and also has a traditional maypole they could lend? I am planning the school's event for Sat May 2, 2015. Thank you.

Gravatar Image22 - I am trying to find information/relatives of Mary Hansen. She was born as Marie Wilhelmina Abrahamsen 31/3 1907 in Tromsö, Norway. Married Trygve Hansen in 1931. Died in Lakeland, Florida in april 1987.

Gravatar Image23 - Hi, i am a swede and want to move to orlando but i have no contacts at all there and don't no any about it actually so i wonder if here is some goldhearted person who would like to help me with good advice and get me in contact with other swedes.
I plan to buy a house to so i need some info about good area and some some who can help me find a good living for a fair price.
grateful for all help……
Regards Hakan Pelland

Gravatar Image24 - Hello<br /><br />Firstly, nice page. <br /><br />Secondly, where can I find Swedish snus in Orlando? Just landed from Stockholm and we are at the Warldorf. Your help would be Appreciated. <br /><br />Best <br /><br />Brady

Gravatar Image25 - Hi. I work for an Assisted Living facility in Jacksonville, FL. We are having a celebration of Christmas around the world. I chose Sweden because of my Swedish descent. I was wondering if you had anything you could send me regarding Christmas in Sweden. Thank you.

Gravatar Image26 - Greetings to all on this blog! I want to introduce my reenactment group: Danelagh Living History. Some of you no doubt saw our authentic Viking Folklife Village at the October Scandinavian Trade Association's Viking Fest in Tampa. We present the daily life of Norse peoples in the Migration Era, circa 800-1100 A.D., particularly in Viking Britain. We would love to work with Scandinavian heritage/history organizations for events and presentations. Like us (and message us, if you like) on Facebook!

Gravatar Image27 - Please join us the Scandinavian Trade Association on Thursday evening, February 4, for our first networking event of the New Year!

Meet our newly elected President Tom Mortenson and Board Members, and

Enjoy live entertainment by contemporary Finnish Folk performers, Vellamo,

At the Hollander Hotel, a unique boutique hotel in beautiful downtown St Petersburg

Read more about Vellamo on the web: Vellamo 2016 Tour



Time: 7:00 pm

You are welcome to bring a guest(s) along. Families are also welcome!

(We encourage you to register so we have an approximate headcount)
However, if you can't access - come anyways - you are always welcome

Mark your calendars! We are excited to see you soon

Gravatar Image28 - Hi!
Me and my boyfriend and his 3 kids (13, 16 and 19years) are coming to florida this summer and will be in Saint Augustine during midsummer.
Does anyone here know about any midsummer celebration around there? The only one I could find is the one you guys are having in Tampa. It´s a bit to far for us to go there..
Please mail me if you can think of something at the east coast. :)

Best regards / Helena

Gravatar Image29 - Scandinavian Christmas Celebration/Julbord

When: Saturday, Dec 3, 2016
Tampa Bay Brewing Company
Tampa Bay Brewing Company' target='_blank'>{ Link } Bay Brewing Company
13937 Monroes Business Park
Tampa, FL 33635

Additional Info: Julbord Christmas Event
Category: Special Event

Registration: Required
Payment: { Link }

The Scandinavian Trade Association's annual Julbord is the perfect opportunity to bring your family together to celebrate the holidays! While Julbord is a traditional Swedish event to celebrate Christmas, STA makes the event a true taste of Scandinavia, building on the fine Swedish traditions. The STA Julbord is an extensive spread that has evolved from a variety of Scandinavian traditions.

Julbord is a classic Christmas dinner in Scandinavian countries. The word “Julbord” is made up of two parts: “Jul”, meaning Yule (synonymous with Christmas) and “Bord”, meaning table. Directly translated as the Christmas table.

No matter what we celebrate, food and beverages are a central part of our festive traditions. It brings friends and family together, and Julbord comes to signify a specific event. Plan on a fun, family friendly event.

This is a family friendly event where you can introduce your children and grandchildren, early on in life, to the flavors and smells of a holiday meal as much of an indicator of the celebration as the event itself. Our childhood memories turn into our own traditions, and soon we carry on the mantra of “it’s not Christmas time without Julbord. Who knows perhaps Julemanden will appear.

The location for this year event is at one of our sponsor’s – the Tampa Brewing Company location in Westchase (across from the Oldsmar Flea Market) on Race Track Road. It will be held on December 3rd - starting at 6 pm - meal at 7 pm 8 pm entertainment – Santa Lucia ceremony will be held and we will also have entertainment, and Christmas tree lighting.

Come in Scandinavian dress – free beer or refillable for soda for the night with ticket purchase.

All this for $25 Adult, $15 children under 12, and free for those under 5. But seats are limited, so make reservations today!

Tom Mortenson

STA President

Gravatar Image30 - Hi,
Does the club in Orlando still excist, if how can I get in contact with them? We are a Swedish family living here

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